“Dhara” is a Sanskrit word which means flow, source, waterfall.
Dhara… the water source, the soul and dominant element
of the Centre, gushing from the rock right in the inside,
it expands around and flows into Lake Garda.
Everything returns to Nature, like a circle that closes
and gives peace and harmony.


Bio-Sauna (dry olive bath)
Lemon Steam bath
Salt Water Bath with draining osmotic action
Warm Waterfall
Kneipp to the Source
Outdoor Hot Tube, 5 meters to the lake
Indoor and outdoor Relaxing area
Tropical Shower
Toning Bucket
Ayurvedic Herbal Teas

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SPA 3 pm - 7 pm from Sunday until Friday,
two hours € 30,00 per person.
Free entry for hotel guests.
Spa-Kit in price included
(use of bathrobe, big and small bath towel
Flip-flops as present).
Day off: Saturday.
MASSAGE CENTER 10-13 pm and 14-19 pm
(exceptions consist).
Due to the anti-covid regulations, our spa can only
be used for exclusive use at a price of € 129 every weekday
(2h depending on availability).

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From 2 pm until 10 pm from Monday to Sunday,
exclusive use of the Spa for 2 hours just for You,
until max. 4 persons at the price of € 129,00, or
€ 159,00 with a “Classic Method”
bottle + fresh fruit Carpaccio.
Over 4 persons, extra charge of € 20,00 per person.


Specialized centre in massages and treatments
for the "body, mind and spirit” wellness.
We take care of you, advising and
personalizing every treatment.
We use only “organic products” with botanical
ingredients, which guarantee a
natural effective success.


Perfumes, colors, musics, flavors, a fusion
between the Far East and our West, where spices
blend with Mediterranean citrus and teck intertwines
with centuries-old olive wood..

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